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   I'll introduse myself better, so you can know even more on me. My name is Danielle Lynn Baldwin. I live in a really small town called Olean. I lived here for 23 years. I'm 23 years old soon to be 24 on January 11th. I live with my boyfriend Dan and his mother. I'm a high school grade and never been to collage. I also have a son name Hunter Micheal Flake, he's 14 mounths old. Hunter was born on June 14th 2002. He was 8 pounds and 15 1/2 onzs. 20 inches long. Yeah, big baby! He has blond hair and blue eyes. Just like I do. But he's more built like his dad. Really tall. He's right now 25 pounds and is 31 inches long. He's my pride and joy! I have to brother's, one's name is Jack and the other is Nathen. Jack works down at the same place I do, but as a different job. My youngest Nathen, he's your average teen. He end up failing his 10th grade year of High School. Which I gave him a long talking about because, he thinks it's going to be easy when your taking mix class's.

  I really don't much around here. But I write stories, read, collect dragons, black stallons, black cats. I work down at a Nursing Home as a housekeeping aide. It's not a bad job, $6.85 an hour and it's a split shift. I work 40 to 60 hours every two weeks. I db't mind the the job, but some of the people down there are really mean.

  I also have alot of pets. I have a black bombay cat name Mickey. He's a male that's fix and has all his shots. (Needs to be updated thow.) He's the first cat I had that's scared of everything, and thinks he's a dog. I have 2 hamsters, they are both drawf hamsters. The males name is Stitch, all he really does is eat, sleep, and well that's mainly it. He has mix colors but a thin black strip running down his back. The female's name is Lilo, she's all white and can't sit still at all. She just had babies that are almost 2 weeks old. SHe had 5 of them so cute! I also have a paraket name Shadow. He likes to dance, scream and yell all the time. Not that smart of a bird. He likes to tease my cat all the time.

   I don't do much in my spare time besides going out for walks, and playing with my son. I sometimes play computer games and playstation 2 games. Mainly stuff like Resident Evil, Everquist, and some other. I love horror stories and movies. Mainly ones about hunted houses. My most favorite it "The Others" now that was good! I do have some cartoon shows like Inu Yasha and Yu Yu Hakishin. Mainly jappeness cartoons. They seem more realistick and grown up.

   There's not much really going on that's new in my life. Just been working on finding are own place. Do to some problems we have with my boyfriend's mother. That I don't really care for talking about. Other wise that the weather up here as been really out of place. Been hitting highs of 80's and some times it rains so much that are streets and rivers start to flood.

   I'm right now working on a webstie, so people can check it out and stuff like that. It's a good way to find out more about people. I'm always on the computer chatting on Yahoo Messanger and checking email.

   Well, I have to admite, it was fun to write to you. But I better get going now. Hunter deside to give himself a bath in his milk. Momy dutty calls. I hope to hear from you soon. Take Care,

Your Friend Danielle

Hunter My son born on June 14th 2002

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